Water supply system of Dingle and Pototan was constructed in 1932-1933 under the management of Iloilo Metropolitan Water District with source at Morobo Spring at Barangay Lincud, Dingle Iloilo. The Board of Directors were the Provincial Governor District Engineer and Provincial Treasurer of Iloilo. Initial funding was secured by the local government from the national government payable in equal yearly amortizations by both municipalities.  An 8 inch main line was constructed from its source in Lincud, Dingle.  Distribution lines were laid out in the towns of Dingle and Pototan to serve the concessioners.  During the war operation of the system was suspended and resumed with the Army Engineers and maintenance personnel of the old system were mobilized to re-establish the distribution lines.  It was on latter part of 1963 that water was used and meter reading was utilized as a way of determining water consumption by households.


To be Category A Water District providing with integrity, an excellent public service in all areas of the Municipalities of Dingle and Pototan under a well- managed  well- developed , competent , honest and stable management in the year 2030.


To provide potable water, affordable and reliable water supply for life to all concessionaires in all areas of the Municipalities of Dingle and Pototan.

To achieve and maintain fiscal autonomy through competent, transparent and democratic leadership and management practices.

To provide the highest possible level of services and professionalism via formation, training and sustained upgrading of human and physical plant and environmental resources spurred on by the sense of responsibilities, commitment, loyalty and hard work and above all Faith in God!


Prompt, speedy and friendly responses to concessionaires.


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